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Designing Universal Knowledge Exhibition

6 January 2012

Visit the interactive exhibition 'Designing Universal Knowledge' by information designer Gerlinde Schuller at TU Delft Library.

Event dates: 11 Jan 2012 to 11 Mar 2012
Location: Central hall, Prometheusplein 1

World history in images

This exhibition is a 26 metre long timeline of the history of data visualisation and information design through the centuries. Moreover, the most important universal images, events and people in the world history can be found on this large wall. The data wall starts with the Big Bang and ends in 2011.

Write history yourself

Visitors can add their own historic highlights on this wall.

Designer Gerlinde Schuller

The well-known saying is “knowledge is power”. But does this mean that the owner of a collection of universal knowledge of the whole world automatically has ultimate power? Just as people who compile encyclopaedias, philosophers and scientists before her, Gerlinde Schuller became fascinated by the idea of compiling a global knowledge collection. Her book Designing Universal Knowledge (2009) was the starting point of the INFODECODATA exhibition, of which the 26 m long data wall, which can now be seen in the TU Delft Library, was a part. More about Gerlinde Schuller

This exhibition at the TU Delft Library was realised in cooperation with MOTI, Museum of The Image in Breda. In addition, the exhibition fits in with the theme of The Brain of the TU Delft Library.

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