TU Delft Library


An increasingly large proportion of our collection is available in digital form. Some information on paper is available for viewing only, due to its format or fragility. Other information may be borrowed.

Here, you can find information on:

  • Becoming a member
    Why become a member? How do you get a library pass?
  • Borrowing from our collection
    How can you borrow items, what do you need, what are our rules?
  • Extending the loan period of borrowed items
    How do you do that and what are the conditions?
  • Borrowing from another library
    it is sometimes possible to borrow a book from another library, via TU Delft Library.
  • Ordering a copy or scan
    If an item cannot be borrowed, you can in some cases ask for a copy or scan. Find out more about the possibilities, conditions and costs.

Electronic books and journals

You can read electronic books and journals for free on the TU Delft campus. You can also save articles in journals, or print them at cost-price. In the case of electronic books, you can usually only print a limited number of pages.

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