TU Delft Library

Automatic renewal

To make it even easier for you to borrow books, we introduced an automatic loan renewal system. This way you have every opportunity to read the book!

The official loan period from then on will be 4 weeks for everyone. We will renew your books automatically every 4 weeks provided they have not been reserved by someone else. No action is required by you. After all, books are meant to be borrowed and read, not to fill our library shelves.

Maximum of six months

Please return the book to the library after six months. If no one else has reserved the book, you will be free to take it out again straight away.


After exceeding the loan period, you will be fined €0.20 per book for every following day, with a maximum of €10 per book. You will only be able to borrow new books once you have paid any fines owed.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

* Automatic renewal only applies to holders of a library membership card or TU Delft campuscard.

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