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Borrowing from other libraries

Please note: This service is only available to TU Delft students and employees.

If a book you want is not in our collection, we can in some cases arrange for it to be sent from another library. We refer to this as the Inter-Library Loan Service (IBL). The service is not free!

What should you do?

  • Note important details, such as the title, author, year of publication or ISBN.
  • Fill out our online applicationform.
    You can also complete an IBL form at the information desk.
  • Students and employees will be notified when they can collect the book in question. 

Response time

Some libraries respond more quickly to a request than others. We usually receive requested books within two to seven working days.

Returning books and extending loan periods

You can return books that have been borrowed via TU Delft Library to us. You will find a slip of paper inside the book with the date by which it must be returned as well as instructions on extending the loan period.

Costs of borrowing items from another library

Borrowing items from a Dutch library

€ 6,50 per book

Borrowing items from a foreign library

€ 15 per book



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