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4TU.RCentre for Research Data increases the visibility, findability and citability of research results.

Researchers can turn to 4TU.ResearchData for advice and support on data management at any stage in the research process, and offers them:

  • permanent access to research data
  • support in preparing a data management plan
  • options to manage, share and document data during the research
  • long-term storage facility for scientific and academic research data
  • options for linking publications to underlying data
  • improved search visibility and citing for research data

4TU.ResearchData is an initiative of the four technical universities in the Netherlands (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen).

Datamanagementplannen (DMP)

Steeds vaker vraagt een onderzoeksfinancier om een datamanagementplan (dmp) op te leveren als onderdeel van een onderzoeksproject. Het team van 4TU.Centre for Research Data biedt advies bij het voldoen aan deze subsidievoorwaarden.

Manage, share and document data

4TU.Centre for Research data offers two types of data labs to share, edit and visualize the generated research data with fellow researchers during the research.

Publish data

The data repository of 4TU.Centre for Research Data currently accommodates  thousands of technical scientific data sets. It is a certified data archive (Data Seal of Approval) and complies with the requirements of research funders.

Deposit your data in the repository and it increase the visibility, findability and citability of your research results. Your data will be allocated a DOI (digital object identifier), enabling them to be found by search engines and linked data.

Linking data to publications

Publications with links to the underlying research data are cited more often than publications without this. Storing your research data in the 4TU.Centre for Research Data repository also makes it available for further research.


Further information

You will find more information on the 4TU.Centre for Research Data website or in our flyer. On http://data.4tu.nl/ you can view examples of data sets.

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