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TU Delft Repository

What does the TU Delft Repository offer?

TU Delft Repository offers sustainable storage of TU Delft scientific research output.

De TU Delft Repository consists of three parts.

1) The Research Repository stores scientific output from TU Delft researchers and scientific output from researchers that are affiliated with the TU Delft. The Research Repository is divided into a number of collections:

  • the Institutional Repository with scientific output from TU Delft researchers
  • the collection Hydraulic Engineering Reports, a set of reports collected by the department of Hydraulic Engineering from the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
  • the collection Conference proceedings containing papers from conferences (partly) organised by TU Delft

 Each collection contains one or more document types.

Institutional Repository
- journal article
- doctoral thesis
- conference paper
- report
- book
- public lecture
- patent
- lecture notes
- book chapters
- working papers

Hydraulic Engineering Reports
- report


Conference proceedings
- conference paper
- conference


In the long run the collection Aerospace Engineering Reports will be added.

2) The Education Repository contains documents that have been created by TU Delft students. The Education Repository contains three document types:

Student theses
- master thesis
- bachelor thesis
- student report

3) The Cultural Heritage Repository will contain the cultural heritage of TU Delft. This repository is “work in progress”. At the moment this environment contains descriptions of a set of technical drawings that have been created by TU Delft students between 1920 and 1946. The Cultural Heritage Repository contains the following document type:

Chemical Process Technology
- technical drawing

In the long run the collections from the TU Delft Image archive will be transferred to this repository. Also new items, not yet available for public search, will be added to the Cultural Heritage Repository.

Furthermore the TU Delft Library manages:

Connection with Pure

​Starting May 1, 2016 the new Current Research Information System (CRIS) called Pure, has been taken into production at TU Delft. Current research output like journal articles, conference papers, books and dissertations will be added to Pure. Documents entered into Pure will be automatically copied to the Institutional Repository once the Library has checked the quality of the metadata. Usually within a few days. You can find more information about Pure on the Pure informationpage. The address of the Pure portal is pure.tudelft.nl/portal/.

Students do not have access to Pure yet. For now, they are invited to send their master thesis, bachelor thesis or student report  to the TU Delft Library via repository-lib@remove-this.tudelft.nl or WeTransfer.    

Open Access policy TU Delft

The Open Access policy has taken effect from 1 May 2016. From now on, all research output has to be published in the TU Delft Institutional Repository. This because it’s our mission to make scientific knowledge accessible online and free of charge to all users.

Please read the TU Delft
Open Science Guide for more information. 

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