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Website analysis

TU Delft Library makes use of tracking cookies for user statistics and website analysis as an input for our website optimalisation. Because we value your privacy, the collected data are anonymised as much as possible.

Google Analytics cookies

In order to be able to make these analyses, TU Delft Library uses Google Analytics, through which information about user behaviour on our site is obtained (including visitor's IP-addresses), sent to Google and saved to their servers in the USA.

This information is used by Google to analyse how the Library website is used, to provide us with valuable rapports and to provide advertisers information about the effectiveness of campaigns. Google may transfer such information to third parties whenever Google is legally required to do so. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if they process the information on Google's behalf. TU Delft Library has no influence on these matters.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media integration

TU Delft Library offers integrated content from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and/or other media. The codes to provide these facilities use a 'sharing cookie' and are offered by the medium itself. Please read the privacy statements by the respective medium to see how they handle your personal data.

Deleting cookies

You can enable/disable cookies and delete them in your browser. Please refer to the help documentation of your browser to find out more about this.
More information about cookies

More information about cookies?

On the following websites you can find more information about cookies:

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