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25,000th upload to TU Delft Repository

28 June 2011

The TU Delft Repository, which is managed by the Library, has reached another milestone!

Scientist Bram Klievink from TPM uploaded the publication Realizing joined-up government: Dynamic capabilities and stage models for transformationwhich he wrote with Marijn Janssen to our repository. This upload brought the total number to 25.000. By way of thanks, TU Delft Library is donating an ‘Oxfam Novib goat’ to a family in Bangladesh on Klievink’s behalf.

Share knowledge = milk a goat

Sharing publications through TU Delft Repository has huge benefits for scientists and TU Delft. This is why TU Delft Library decided to reward uploaders with a gift that will allow others to reap the benefits too. For every 2,000th upload in 2011, the Library will donate a goat to a poor family in Bangladesh via Oxfam Novib. The family will reap the benefits of this investment for several years.

Goat in the Library

Last week Klievink was awarded a symbolic cuddly goat by a member of staff from the Repository team. To the question of why he had uploaded his publications to the Repository, Klievink answered that this was a way of gaining exposure among his target group of civil servants, many of whom do not have access to commercial databases. Through the repository, they can access his material freely.

Do you want to reap the benefits 

TU Delft Repository is the perfect place to find digital versions of public scientific publications (full text and bibliographic data) from TU Delft. Students and scientists from TU Delft can upload their own articles, dissertations, theses etc. directly into this digital storage facility, thereby making the material available across the globe. The repository can be found on: repository.tudelft.nl.

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