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40.000 Open Access articles in the TU Delft Repository

27 May 2014

Milestone leads to Oxfam Novib donation

Currently, Open Access publishing and exposing research data are hot items. If readers have access to literature without a subscription and scientists will become (more) visible, citation scores could increase considerably. Hence, Open Access is getting more and more popular; last week we had our 40.000th upload.

Milestone leads to donation goat

The 40,000th upload came from Nicolas Dintzner, PhD candidate at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, and regarded the article ‘Extracting Feature Model Changes from the Linux Kernel Using FMDiff’. Together with his supervisor Arie Deurzen, Dintzner accepted a cuddly goat. This goat is symbolic for the goat that we donate via Oxfam Novib.

Pay it forward

Sharing publications through TU Delft Repository has huge benefits for scientists and TU Delft. This is why TU Delft Library decided to reward uploaders with a gift that will allow others to reap the benefits too. In the last few years the Library donated a goat to a poor family in Bangladesh via Oxfam Novib for each milestone the Repository hit. The families will reap the benefits of these investments for several years.

About TU Delft Repository

With the TU Delft Repository the Library offers scientists and students a way to make their work worldwide accessible. In addition, Repository publications get a high ‘relevance ranking’, with which they will be found more easily in search engines like Google Scholar.  Uploading is simple and can be done by the scientists themselves. More information about the TU Delft Repository.

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