TU Delft Library

Double exhibition

1 August 2016

Chairs, Tables, Lamps and Sets. Students at work!

2/8 - 2/9/2016 in TU Delft Library
6/9 - 9/10/2016 in Prinsenkwartier Delft

The Faculty of Architecture has a fabulous and extensive collection of chairs. To get them out of their shelves and into education, the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning went looking for partners within design education, and found them in the Chairs of Form & Modelling Studies and of Architecture of the Interior.

During past semesters in 2016, three design courses challenged students to start “a dialogue with a Chair” and - inspired by that research- make a new design for a Lamp, Table or Set. This initiative aimed at promoting design through collections. And it led to remarkable results!

Come and see for yourself! The resulting exhibition can be visited in two locations:

From 2 August – 2 September in TU Delft Library. Opening hours: www.library.tudelft.nl

From 6 September-9 October in Prinsenkwartier Delft. Opening Hours; www.prinsenkwartier.nl

Celebration of this cooperation between TU Delft and Prinsenkwartier:
September 8th 17.00 in Prinsenkwartier (also opening of the exhibition).
Info about additional (lecture)program in Prinsenkwartier:

- Ad Bercht (Information Specialist, TU Delft Library)
- Max Hart Nibbrig (Photo flyer and poster)
- Hans Schouten (Photo’s)
-Marion Vredeling (Program manager TU Delft Library)
-Charlotte van Wijk (Chair Collection-
History of  Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture TU Delft)
-Tessa Wijtman (Faculty of Architecture TU Delft - ACaP)

-Jose Zeldenthuis (Projectmanager Prinsenkwartier Delft)
-Servicepunt, Events, Hosts and FMRE TU Delft Library
- M&C Faculty of Architecture TU Delft

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