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TU Delft Library launches Library Tour app in advance of Introduction Week

17 August 2015

Get to know the Library at your own pace.

The Library Tour app has been developed to help new international students at TU Delft find their way around the TU Delft Library. The app provides them with a comprehensive introduction to what the Library has to offer, at the time best suited to them and at their own pace. It features the answers to an entire range of queries, from how to reserve a group project workspace to where the massage chairs are located.

This app sees TU Delft Library respond to the massive rise in international students attending the university – numbers of which are steadily increasing. TU Delft expects approximately 2,000 new international students this coming academic year, a rise of 45% compared to the previous year.

How does it work?

The app uses iBeacons technology. iBeacons are small transmitters that use Bluetooth to send targeted information to mobile phones in the vicinity. A total of 15 iBeacons have been positioned throughout the Library. Once a student has installed the app and is within range of an iBeacon, they receive a notification or are directly provided relevant information about their current location and the available services. This can be either practical or nice-to-know information.

The app was launched on 17 August 2015, making TU Delft Library the first library in Europe to make this technology available to its users.

Photo by Annemiek van der Kuil

"I found something that I didn't know for 2 years!" - Eduardo Simões Da Silva testing the app during the launch.

Download the Library Tour app for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play

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