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Open Access publishing

Open Access is intended to enable unlimited and worldwide sharing of knowledge and information. This includes providing online access without restrictions to research for users. In alliance with scientists, funders, academics and other libraries, TU Delft Library is developing applications to make Open Access publishing possible. 

Examples include the TU Delft Repository and the 4TU.ResearchData. Publishing in the TU Delft Repository and in Open Access can offer benefits for academics.

Most open access articles can be found in the Directory of Open Access Journals (established in 2003). In this directory you can find 9.200 journals (November 2016).

Ever more important publishers exploit Open Access journals as part of their business model. Next to pure Open Access publishers as PLoS, Biomed, Frontiers and MDPI major STM publishers as SpringerElsevier, Wiley, Taylor & Francis/Routledge/Cogent, Nature Publishing, SAGE and Oxford Publishing  publish their journals as pure open access.

Open Access material originated form TU Delft is also found in great numbers in arXiv, the worlds largest e-print service in the fields of natural sciences. TU Delft is an official supporter of ArXIv 2013-2017

Quality Open Access Market-QOAM

The quality of scientific results is very important and this also applies to OA publications. To select a high quality OA title for a reasonable price, you can use QOAM. The number of Base Score Cards in QOAM is currently 7000+ titles (November 2015).  With these cards  libraries provide an opinion on the transparency of the websites of open access and hybrid journals. Additionally QOAM also publishes Valuation Scorecards, which allows authors to share their experiences with scientific journals.


Open Access monitoring at TU Delft

  • Peer review articles in open access 2014: 24.8%
  • Peer review articles in open access 2015: 29.7%

TU Delft deals with Open Access publishers

On average, the author’s fee for an Open Access article is €1500. With certain publishers TU Delft Library arranged special programs or memberships in order to get discounts, which ensures the exposure of your publications without or with less costs.

At the following publishers you can disseminate your Open Access article without a charge or a discount (APC)

Funder requirements

More and more funders as NWOP and the European Union require that the results of their funded research should be vissible as OA publications and Open Data in the public domain. We have summarized the conditions of TU Delft's main financiers.

For support regarding datamanagement: please contact 4TU.ResearchData.

Hybrid and Delayed Open Access journals

In addition to Open Access journals, there are also some journals that only partially apply the principles of Open Access. These journals include a combination of Open Access articles, paid for by the author, and articles that are accessible on subscription only. A number of journals provide Open Access journals after an embargo period, ranging 6-36 months. These titles can be found at a list of delayed Open Access journals.

Predatory Open access publishers

Some publishers and journals have attempted to exploit the business model of open access publishing by charging large fees to authors without providing the proper editorial and publishing services associated with more established and legitimate journals. We have compiled information about this topic.


 Important open access sources

  • DOAB -platform with access to 5.300 scientific open access books
  • NARCIS -national platform with access to 480.000 open access publications from Dutch Universities and research institutions
  • DART -platform with access to 710.000 electronic theses from 590 European universities
  • OpenAire- European platform with access to 17 million+ publications from 5.500 repositories
  • Elsevier Archived Articles of Primary Mathematics Journals

 TU Delft and Open Access journals 

Currently TU Delft is affiliated with the following Open Access Journals

  • Heron is a joint publication by TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, Delft, and the Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Construction. Started in 1953 
  • European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research EJTR is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, freely accessible through the internet and aims to present the results of high-quality scientific research to a readership of academics, practitioners and policy-makers. Started in 2000
  • Footprint  is an academic journal dedicated to publishing architecture and urban research. Architecture and urbanism are the points of departure and the core interests of the journal. Started in 2007
  • Hydrology and Earth Systeem Sciences is an international two-stage open access journal for the publication of original research in hydrology, placed within a holistic Earth System Science context. Started in 1997 
  • HESS-Discussions and peer-review of submitted papers are handled in the open access discussion journal HESSD. Started in 2011
  • Drinking Water Engineering and Science aims to be the leading scientific open access journal for the publication of original research in drinking water treatment. Started 2008 
  • Journal on Satisfiability, Boolean Modeling and Computation publishing high quality original research papers and survey papers which evidently contribute to deeper insight. It is an electronic medium, guaranteeing fast publication. Started 2005  
  • Mechanical Sciences intends to be an international forum for dissemination of original contributions in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics. Started 2011
  • AB+E  Architecture and the Built Environment publishes exclusively PhD theses of the TU Delft Graduate School of Architecture and the Built Environment. Started 2011
  • Research in Urbanism Series is an indexed peer-reviewed book series that deals with dynamics, planning, and design in contemporary urban areas. Started 2010
  • SPOOL is a journal in the field of architecture and the built environment with a strong emphasis on four key topics: Science of Architecture, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency Building, and Urban Europe. Started in 2012.
  • International Journal of Designing and Engineering with Smart and Ubiquitous Technologies will start 2016
  • Journal of Facade Design and Engineering  is multidisciplinary journal thta touches scientific disciplines as Climate design, Building Physics, Structural Design, Architectural Design and more. Started in 2013.
  • Bulletin KNOB. First appearing in 1899, Bulletin KNOB is the journal of the Royal Netherlands Archaeological Institute (KNOB), part-funded by TU Delft's Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The contents of this journal will be available in an open access format 12 month(s) after an issue is published.
  • Inaugural speeches in the Building Environment Inaugural lectures in planning - translated into English and contextualised with scholarly introductions.
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management Science (JSCMS) is a peer reviewed journail aims to publish high-quality papers on quantitative approaches to supply chain management. Started 2016
  • Wind Energy Science Interactive journal of the European Academy of Wind Energy. Started 2016
  • Journal of Integrated Security Science. The journal publishes innovative scholarly manuscripts that make a significant contribution – theoretically or empirically – to all areas of physical security. Chiedf editor TU Delft. Started 2016

VSNU's Call for Open Access

For TU Delft and other universities, it is important that research is freely accessible to the public, especially when it is being funded from public resources.

In this letter the VSNU asks scientist to play an active part in the transition to Open Access.

Open Access 101

Watch an animated video:

  • What is Open Access?
  • Why is it important?

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