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Literature search and bibliometrics

Literature search and bibliometrics 

Literature search is about finding the relevant information for your research topic, i.e. to build your research on.

• Do you need help with a literature search or even want to delegate your search?
• Need to get a first impression of available literature when thinking of applying for a patent?
• Not sure which databases are best suited for your search?
• Not sure how to best start a search yourself?

We can help you with these and any other questions you might have regarding literature search. Our Team Literature search and Bibliometrics can assist you in getting started quickly, either by providing practical advice, or by performing a tailor-made literature search together with you, or for you.


Bibliometrics is about analysing written publications, such as books or articles, to get statistics about research topics.

• How do I find the best suited journal for my publication?
• How can I identify new opportunities/fields for research?
• Who are active in my research field?
• How can I find researchers to collaborate with in my research project?
• How can I visualize my research topic?
• How is my department doing regarding journal impact scores?

Our Team Literature search and Bibliometrics can help you answering these and other questions you might have, using available bibliographic and bibliometric information as a basis. From a basic analysis on competitors and possible collaboration partners to advanced analyses on research topics and trends: we invite you to discuss your questions and ideas with us.

We can inform you on advanced features of current tools and services, and make an effort to identify other methods and tools to suit your needs. Furthermore, we can perform analyses for you or work together with you in getting the right information.

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your ideas and questions!

Please note: Depending on the scope and depth of your questions, charges may apply later on for performed searches and analyses. If so, this will be discussed during the first free and noncommittal advisory and intake meeting.

The Team Literature search and Bibliometrics consists of Jorden Esser and Dirk Jan Ligtenbelt. 

Make an appointment to get a headstart and advice! Just mail to literatuuronderzoek-lib and one of them will contact you!

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