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DOI's for publications in TU Delft Repository

DOI enables an object to be identified and found on internet. The metadata of the object are stored together with the DOI and include information about where the object is located on internet. If the object is moved to a new location, the metadata can be updated with the new URL of the object. A DOI therefore provides a more long-lasting and reliable reference for finding an online publication than a URL.

TU Delft library assign DOI's to your publications with the help of DataCite Netherlands. This service provided by TU Delft Library facilitates the registration of research data and assigning DOI's automatically to doctoral theses and conference papers in the TU Delft Conference Repository.

Datasets in the 4TU.ResearchData archive are also supplied with a DOI. We advise you to refer to the DOI’s of your datasets in your publication to enhance the visibility and sharing of your datasets.  You can even reguest a DOI upfront. If you would like to know more about DOI’s for datasets, visit the Data citation with DOI page.

Would you like to know more about registration and /or assigment of DOI's? Please contact Ask Your Library, the customer service at TU Delft Library.

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