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Open Access Fund

TU Delft faculties or research groups are primarily responsible for funding the open access publications of their academic staffs. If this is not a possibility TU Delft Library can assist by financing all or part of it from the Open Access Fund, that was founded in 2008. Currently 355 publications have been subsidized by the OA fund. 

The fund is not suitable for:

  • Journals where TU Delft has a paid subscritption
  • Journals where you can publish without cost as part of national publisher agreements with an open access component
  • The publishers MDPI, PLoS, Copernicus, PeerJ and Frontiers. TU Delft made customized deals with these publishers

If publishing at a publishers platform no option? You can, in most cases, archive your final author's version in Delft Repository, thereby sharing your publication with the rest of the world (the green way to open access). Check the policies on SHERPA / ROMEO


The fund will be distributed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Authors can submit a request if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The compensation for the costs applies to actual Open Access Journals, mostly registered in DOAJ. Requests for Open Access Fees for journals for which the Library has a license and for journals that offer the Open Access option will not be honoured.
  2. The compensation for the costs applies to books and bookchapters, published on the business model of Open Access.
  3. Authors are expected to use other funds first. This means that the Open Access fees for NWO and EU Horizon2020 projects, should be claimed from those project budgets.
  4. Corresponding authors must have a demonstrable relationship with TU Delft and must also have published the related piece in affiliation with this university.
  5. Financing your publication is only possible if the invoice has to be paid, there will be no retrospective payments instead
  6. Sponsored articles must be published with the license CC-BY or CC BY-NC
  7. With a number of publishers special deals have been completed with the result that there are no costs for you with this publishers! It is obligatory to inform via the fund administrators whether your request is eligible for a contribution from the OA Fund

  8. The compensation for the costs is maximized at €2.500 per publication. Additional costs are charged to the applicant.

Subsidy requests

You must include the following in your request:

  • Journal and publisher
  • Status of the publication: submitted/accepted
  • Title of the publication
  • Science Group/chair group (affiliation)
  • Authors
  • Planned publication date if known

Submit your application

Submitting an application to the Open Access Fund is easy.

Simply send an e-mail to Ask Your Library, our customer service, with the following details:

  • the publication title
  • the publisher
  • the name of the journal
  • the status of the publication
  • the required funding

Workflow Open Access Fund

Want to know more about the workflow for requesting Open Access fees?

Check out the workflow (PDF).

Open Access fonds TU Delft jubileum

Dr. Arvind Gangoli Rao, Associate Professor Propulsion & Power van de faculteit Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek deed de 250e aanvraag bij het Open Access Fonds voor het openbaar maken van het boek CleanEra. A collection of research projects for sustainable aviation.

De publicatie, uitgegeven door IOS Press in Amsterdam, bleek de 250e aanvraag voor het Open Access fonds. Hierdoor kreeg Shervan, namens de teamleden, een pluche Oxfam Geit gegeven door Just de Leeuwe, manager van het OA fonds.

Rao heeft een duidelijke mening over Open Access "Societal development is accelerated by open sharing of knowledge, and open access publications facilitate this.”

CleanEra is te verkrijgen bij IOS Press als Open Access-download en als fysiek boek. Uiteraard is het ook te downloaden bij de repository van TU Delft

 foto: Kees Moerman, 

License CC.BY 3.0, CC-BY

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