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How does Pure work?

  • As of 1 May 2016, Pure is TU Delft’s new Current Research Information System (CRIS).
  • Research output entered in Pure is automatically deposited in the TU Delft Repository . The TU Delft Library manages both the Pure system and the TU Delft Repository and offers the necessary support.
  • Every TU Delft researchers can logon to Pure (with netid and password) via the Pure portal. This is the logon page.
  • There are four ways in which data can be imported in Pure:
    1. Harvesting (automated process overnight from Scopus)
    2. Import from online source (personal harvesting)
    3. File import
    4. Manual import (handmatig importeren)
  • Pure harvests from Scopus, over time more harvesting sources will be added by Elsevier (owner of Pure) after consultation with Pure users inside and outside TU Delft.
  • Research output entered in Pure is harvested by Google Scholar and visible on that platform.
  • It’s also very easy to export data from Pure in a word, excel, pdf, html, RIS (RefMan) or a BibTeX file. 

What is the definition of a post-print (final accepted author’s version) of a peer-reviewed article?

  • According to the Open Access policy, (co)authors must publish their post-print (final accepted author’s version) of a peer-reviewed article with the required metadata in the TU Delft Repository (via Pure). To learn more about post-prints at TU Delft, read this explanatory Post-prints at TU Delft document

 Is it possible to receive a  Pure training? 

How to create or connect your ORCID iD in Pure?

  • Your publisher may have asked for an ORCID iD when you submitted a publication or you may have already chosen to set up an ORCID profile to promote your research output. As an increasing number of publishers, research funders, and universities adopt ORCID, having your ORCID iD in Pure will maximize the opportunity for system integrations in the future. Here is How to create and add your ORCID iD in Pure

Basic Pure instruction manuals are available on the Instructions & Support page. If you have any questions about Pure and/or need support, please reach out to the Pure contact person at your faculty.

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