TU Delft Library

Teach yourself how to search for information efficiently

How do you find scientific and academic information at TU Delft Library or on the internet? And how do you know if the information is correct, complete, reliable and relevant? On the TUlib website students can independently improve their skills in searching for scientific information. 

TUlib for students

TUlib helps you learn on the job and at your own pace. You will learn how to:

  • find relevant scientific information
  • use scientific information
  • assess the relevance and quality of information
  • improve the quality of papers and theses using the information you have found

TUlib makes you succeed!

TUlib tips

How do you devise a search plan? What is copyright? What is the correct way of citing sources? What knowledge centres are there at TU Delft?

You will find the answer to these kinds of questions by clicking in the left-hand menu of the TUlib website. For most subjects, TUlib offers information at two levels in a simple two-part changing menu:

  • getting started: practical, step-by-step information, interactive exercises and instructions
  • learn more: advanced subjects and interesting background information

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