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Detecting plagiarism

Intentional plagiarism constitutes a cardinal sin within the academic world. That is why TU Delft Library offers support for identifying plagiarism

Plagiarism: Violation of copyright

Plagiarism is a violation of copyright as it involves reproducing (parts of) another person’s work without stating the source, and thereby failing to comply with an essential aspect of copyright. In many cases, however, it is not clear whether the plagiarism is intentional plagiarism, negligence or simply poor source acknowledgement.

Reusing texts that are not covered by the restrictions of the Copyright Act without consent is prohibited. Even if the copyright has expired, texts may only be used if the source is correctly stated.

The essence of plagiarism is that the reader is unable to discern whether texts or images are original or reproduced.

Reference sources at TU Delft about correct quotations in texts and plagiarism is on the TPM-site, in the Publishing section of TUlib, a dedicated website about finding and using scientific information and on the website of the Graduate School.

As of January 1, 2015  a scan of the draft thesis is a compulsory part of the TU Delft doctoral thesis procedure. Reports using the software iThenticate are made by TU Delft Library and reported to the promotor. You can find all relevant information on the website of the Graduate School. See also the iThenticate TU Delft quick start guide.

TU Delft scans for plagiarism in Blackboard

Lecturers teaching at TU Delft are able to scan their students’ publications using anti-plagiarism software. Turnitin software enables them to check work for plagiarism within Blackboard. The system checks whether words and (parts of) sentences in the texts being evaluated wholly or partially correspond with source material. Turnitin is compared with source material in:

  • an extensive index of documents accessible to the public on the internet;starting 2000
  • indexed student thesis on a world wide scale
  • scientific publications from the follwing publishers/databases: Emerald, SAGE, GALE Cengage Learning, Crossref.org, EBSCO host 

Lecturers can enroll in the ‘Turnitin Quick Submit’ course via Blackboard to learn how they can scan their students’ publications for plagiarism.

More about plagiarism can be found at the TU Delft website about copyrights.



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