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Readers and copyright

If a lecturer compiles a reader, the teaching material is posted on Brightspace. This means that it has been reproduced and as such comes under copyright legislation. In order to buy out this copyright, TU Delft has made an agreement with the PRO Foundation, whereby the PRO Foundation acts as a representative of the publishers.  TU Delft pays an annual fee for the use of short reproductions. The fee is continually re-assessed on the basis of reports. The costs are passed on to the faculty.

To keep these costs to a minimum, you could use a link to the full-text, possibly with an abstract and source acknowledgement. This would avoid the need to pay charges to the PRO Foundation. TU Delft must obviously have a valid licence for the material at the other end of the link. By no means a fee is required for all the educational material. You can easily check this by using the workflow.

Articles or other texts

Lecturers wishing to post an article or other text on Brightspace should observe the following rules:

  • From non-literary books: a maximum of 10 thousand words, as long as this does not mean that more than a third of the entire book is being reproduced (N.B. if several sections are reproduced from one non-literary book, the total number of words must not exceed 10 thousand).
  • From journals and other periodicals with a non-literary content: a maximum of 8 thousand words, as long as this does not constitute more than a third of the edition from which it was taken.

A published version of a speech held as part of a university ceremony will be considered to be a ‘short work’ irrespective of the number of words.

Non-short works

If you want to include longer pieces of work in a digital reader, you will have to ask prior permission from the PRO Foundation. Obtaining permission and paying an appropriate fee for reproducing longer pieces is a matter for the lecturer concerned and/or the institute of education.

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