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Mystery Objects

TU Delft Library dishes up brain teasers for visitors to the Library Learning Centre: Mystery Objects.

What is this?

From time to time a Mystery Object is displayed in the hall of the Library Learning Centre and visitors are asked: “What was this object used for?”. The mystery can be unravelled by carefully scrutinising the object. There’s often a logo from the manufacturer on the object, which can act as a good starting point for an internet search. But sometimes certain parts are clearly recognisable, providing a clue as to the type of object it is.

Take a look at Mystery Objects that were recently featured in the Library Learning Centre on  Flickr.


The Mystery Objects originate from TU Delft’s Heritage Collection, managed by TU Delft Library. In the past, the 6,000 objects in the collection were used in the past for education and research, and/or they form part of the TU Delft’s history. These objects vary from paintings by professors and members of the Dutch Royal House to measuring instruments, and from education to scientific research collections.

These ‘brain teasers’ form part of a broader range of activities organised by TU Delft Library, relating to the theme ‘The Brain’.

The Brain

This exhibition is part of TU Delft Library's programming around the theme "The Brain".

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