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Documentary: ‘Rietveld’s Chair’

In this documentary by graphic designer Lex Reitsma, furniture restorer Jurjen Creman reconstructs the first version (now lost) of the Red-Blue Chair. Professor Erik A. de Jong describes, using family photographs and letters, how his grandparents – the architect Piet Elling and Diek Elling-Nijland – used their Rietveld furniture in the 1920s.

In sharp contrast to this, there are images showing how the chair has today lost its original function. It has become an iconic object, as reflected in the considerable sums of money that people pay for it Its museal status is explained by curators from internationally renowned museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

(source: Premsela)

View the trailer of this documentary below. The complete documentary (with English subtitles) can be seen in the hall of the Library Learning Centre until 6 September.

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