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Human Library

What is the Human Library about?

There’s no better book than the book of human experience. That’s why visitors to the Human Library borrow people instead of books. In this way they exchange their unique experiences with each other. The basic principle is that the participants come closer together and that their mutual relationship and understanding are strengthened. This simple and powerful method creates a bond between participants who - under normal circumstances - would not meet.

The Living Books may be professors, lecturers, staff members, other PhD candidates, trainees or students at TU Delft; people with a special story that they are willing to share with a wider audience. These people are selected by Rector Karel Luyben as well as the PhD candidates who are cooperating in the Human Library project. During each Human Library evening, two Living Books will give a presentation.

Extra opportunity: Meet the rector!

The concept ‘Human Library’ follows the same principle as the earlier project ‘Meeting the rector’ for students, namely that the rector of TU Delft and its PhD candidates meet each other in an informal setting that can offer surprises to both parties. This allows PhD candidates to discuss with the rector university matters that are close to their hearts. The PhD candidates present can determine the topics they wish to discuss.

Why is TU Delft Library hosting the Human Library?

TU Delft Library wants to be a ‘Centre of Belonging’; not in the least to PhD candidates, who do not have a place of their own to meet on campus. The Human Library evenings enable the Library to offer PhD candidates an opportunity to meet informally and also enjoy in-depth discussions with each other and the rector.

    Want to know more?

    For more information or if you would like to propose yourself or someone else as a candidate for a Living Book, please contact project leader Marion Vredeling (via library@remove-this.tudelft.nl).

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