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Wireless network

The eduroam wireless network at TU Delft is a secure campus-wide network that can be accessed within the TU Delft buildings. Eduroam gives you access to the Internet and unsecured environments within TU Delft.

Eduroam is available to TU Delft students, staff and guests from other institutions that use the SURFnet authentication structure.

For further information: see TU Delft wireless network.

Wireless network for visitors

As a visitor of TU Delft Library, you can use TUvisitor, our wireless network in the main hall, free of charge. A library membership is required.

You can apply for access to this network at the information desk. An account will be created and added to your library membership. This way, your wireless account will expire at the same time as your Library membership. Details of your login will be sent to you through textmessage or e-mail.

In order to provide easy access to all mobile devices (laptop, netbook, ipad, smartphone), TU Delft Library offers its wireless network through an unsecured wireless connection, meaning you can use all internetservices. However, we do advise users to be careful submitting important data such as passwords and other pirvacy sensitive information.

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