TU Delft Library

Printing and copying for TU Delft students and employees

At TU Delft Library you can print (A4 and A3), make copies (colour and black-and-white) and scan documents. There are six machines available for copying, scanning and printing.

You can pay for your copies, scans and prints with your bank card if it contains a NFC-tag.

With your campuscard  you can also use webprint.tudelft.nl. With webprint you can charge your account through iDeal or credit card (mastercard, VISA and Maestro).



  • A4 + A3 black/white: Euro 0,02
  • A4 + A3 colour: Euro 0,10

Copying (cash or chipknip)

  • A4 + A3 black/white: Euro 0,05
  • A4 + A3 colour: Euro 0,15

Double sided printing or copying is charged twice the ammount for single sided printing or copying.

De Copie-Sjop at BK City

Besides our own repro facility at TU Delft Library, the TU Delft offers students the De Copie-Sjop facilities at BK City

De Copie-Sjop offers students the following facilities and can be found at BK City:

  • printen
  • plotten
  • copying
  • binding
  • photoservice
  • laminating

Download the flyer (PDF) for more information.

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