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Visit the Trésor

The Trésor includes historic books, journals, maps, photographs and prints from before 1900. The materials in the Trésor are too valuable and vulnerable to be made available for loan. However, you can view and copy materials on site, under the supervision of the administrator. 

In certain cases, the materials are too vulnerable to be copied. You should therefore bring along a digital camera in order to take photographs.

Opening hours

Friday, 9.00 – 16.00, by appointment only.

Make an appointment via Ask Your Library, our customer service, mentioning the following information: 

  • the time you will be arriving
  • the place number of the document you wish to view
  • for journals: the volume or year number

Shelf numbers

You can find the shelf numbers of the documents in the library catalogue. You can recognise the shelf numbers for Trésor documents from the prefix TR. For example:

  • TR 3024359
  • TRT 052 (journal)
  • TRK 9100 A 01 (maps)
  • TRG 9301 A 01 (large format books)



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