TU Delft Library

Work spaces

TU Delft Library offers you several ways for (silent) studying and working on projects.

TU Delft Library has 995 study spaces, of which 155 are equipped with PC's.

  • The study spaces equipped with PC's are located in the Glass Hall and the Central Hall.
  • There are 440 study spaces in the Kegel (the Cone) and 262 in the Central Hall. Outside the examination period, it is permitted to talk and eat here. During the examination period, these spaces are for silent study only.
  • There are also a total of 293 study spaces in the Glass Hall, the Orange Room, the Blue Room and the Red Room. These are for silent study only at all times, even outside examination periods. Eating and drinking is also prohibited.

Project rooms

TU Delft Library has several project rooms where you can work in a group with other students. Our 'continent' project rooms are equipped with a large table and chairs, a sofa and a smartboard.

Treasury reading room

If the reading room is not in use, you can use it to study.

Need some extra quiet time?

Do you prefer not to be in a silent study space or do you need to be extra focussed?

Feel free to ask for a pair of earplugs at the information desk!

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