TU Delft Library

House Rules

TU Delft Library aims to offer its visitors the very best possible facilities for studying and consulting information. In addition, the library also serves as a meeting place. In order to reconcile these two functions, we have drawn up a series of house rules.

When you visit TU Delft Library, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Treat the study places and all facilities with respect.
  • Show respect to your fellow visitors
  • You are permitted to eat and drink in the Central Hall, the Kegel (the Cone), the Blue Room and the projectrooms of TU Delft Library. You are also permitted -outside the examination periods - to talk and make telephone calls.
  • The Glass Hall (the large computer room), the Orange Room, the Trésor reading room and the Red Room are for silent study only. Talking, making phonecalls, eating and drinking (with the exception of water) are not permitted.

Also, there are rules and regulations regarding the use of computers at the TU Delft.

Group visits

It is possible to visit the Library in groups. However, these must always take place outside the exam periods.


TU Delft Library is not liable for any damages and/or theft of any personal belongings.

Animals in the Library

Only seeing-ey dogs are permitted in the Library.

Abuse and theft

Did you cause any damages during your visit to the Library? We reserve the right to hold you accountable for any damages. So please, treat our facilities with respect. In the case of extreme abuse of our facilities, we can and will deny you access to our facilities, services and/or building.

Denial of access

In the case of extreme abuse, theft, disorderly conduct or general misbehaviour, we have the right to deny you access to our facilities, services and/or building for a specfied period of time.  

See also: TU Delft house rules

Lost and found

Have you lost an item? Or found something that did not belong to you? Items are kept at our service desk.

However, TU Delft Library is not liable for any lost items or damages.

In case an item is kept at our service desk for over half a year, we have the right to discard the item.

Photography and filming rules

Photography and filming in the Library is permitted, as long as it meets these conditions.

Sporting activities on the roof

Using the roof for sporting activities such as skiing, sledging and cycling activities are not permitted on the roof, due to the risk of personal injuries and the possibility of damaging the roof.  

Further information?

Take a look at the TU Delft house rules. 

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact Ask Your Library, our customer service.