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TU Delft Library is part of the TU Delft University Corporate Office.

Limitless collection

TU Delft Library has been given the nationwide task of preserving technical-scientific knowledge and making it accessible. We put the needs of our customers first when developing new services or expanding our collection. Since our collection is so very large and diverse, we are continuously working on ways to optimise our search options so that we can help our customers find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Books are just the beginning

At TU Delft Library, books are just the beginning. We provide support to both research and education. We help our customers achieve unparalleled academic performance by offering workshops, through our specialised websites (Copyright Information Point, TUlib) and by conducting literature surveys We also offer information skills modules specifically developed for the educational environment. Lecturers and students can take these modules to increase their media savvy. 

Sharing TU Delft knowledge with each other and the world

We feel that the knowledge generated at TU Delft should be shared and that it should be used in the service of society. TU Delft Library is actively committed to ensuring free access to information worldwide wherever possible.

Registering research in Pure

TU Delft's scientific output is registered in Pure, the research information system that we manage. The system tracks the research projects at the university, both current and historical, and the research groups and individual scientists involved and the publications they have produced. All publications in Pure are included in their entirety in the TU Delft Repository, our digital archive for scientific publications, which is freely accessible to all in the online environment. We also offer provide storage space where datasets and multimedia can be saved and shared securely.

Document Management and Archive Department

We also play an important part in archiving non-scientific information within TU Delft, such as  contracts, policy documents and proposals. Staff members of the Document Management and Archive Department (DMA) take care of further professionalising and digitalising the document process in SharePoint.

A place for collaboration and inspiration

In 2010, our central library was renovated and turned into a Library Learning Centre (PDF): a place for study, research and the exchange of knowledge. The Centre features inspiring spaces, places to relax and stimulating activities, emphasising the fact that we at the university library are embracing the future and that we are an indispensable link between education and research.

For more information about TU Delft Library and our services, please check our online presentations and tour.

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