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TU Delft Library cooperates with local and international partners. The aim of this cooperation is to improve efficiency or the availability of scientific literature.

UKB logoWe are an active partner in the collaboration between the Dutch university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands, known as the UKB consortium. In this partnership we strive for more efficient task division, knowledge sharing and mutual inspiration. Some examples include:

  • UKB Licences: we carry out license negotiations with the major publishers on behalf of all the Dutch universities.
  • V-sources: collaboration with TU/e on e-resource management (ERM).
  • Integrated search: we have continued to develop Meresco open source software together with UvT as a basis for our integrated search systems (UvT’s Get It and TU Delft’s WorldCat Discovery).
  • UKB maps: online maps of UKB partners are made mutually accessible.

3TU.Datacentrum logoWe set up 3TU.Datacentrum together with the technical universities TU/e and the University of Twente. More about 3TU.Datacentrum.

DataCite logoTU Delft Library established DataCite together with six international partners. DataCite aims to register permanent links, so-called Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for data sets, so that these data sets can be used to make enriched publications. More about DataCite.

WatWasWaar logoDigitised images from our trésor collection can be admired by all at WatWasWaar.nl. You can search by postcode or place or zoom in on a location on the map of the Netherlands. View the images on WatWasWaar.

SAE logoDe Academic Heritage Foundation (SAE) is a collaboration between seven Dutch Universities. In the UNICUM project, all the academic collections are brought together under one portal. The collections are thus made more easily accessible for education and research. Follow the Unicum weblog.

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