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Website usage world wide

TU Delft Library’s websites are not only known in The Netherlands, but in the entire world. The TU Delft Repository, with publications of TU Delft’s scientists is particularly popular abroad. To get more insight in where our information sources are being consulted, we have made a world map app which visualises this.

Real-time world map

In our world map app you can see where in the world someone is visiting one of our websites*. The app automatically refreshes, so you continuously can see red dots appear and disappear.

Go to the app.

* TU Delft Library’s websites are: our Library website, search engine WorldCat Discovery, full-text TU Delft publications database TU Delft Repository, multimedia database TU Delft Image Archive, information literacy website Tulib, map collection TU Delft Maps and DOI registration website DataCite Netherlands.

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