TU Delft Library

This summer we’re doing maintenance to keep the Library a great place.

The cone will get a new coat of paint and the windows along the edge of the cone will be replaced. We will also replace the doors at the main entrance.

We realise that maintenance activities will cause noise disturbances and other changes, such as temporarily blocked off spaces for safety reasons. We will offer alternatives where possible and hope for your understanding.

On www.facebook.com/Tudelftlibrary  we will give you the latest updates.

This is the general time schedule of all maintenance activities:




11-6 – 13-6

Replacing ceiling in ladies’ toilets

Alternative: use gents’ toilets

13-6 – 31-7

Scaffolding + painting outside of the cone

6th floor in cone is not accessible

31-7 – 25-8

Replacing glass windows inside the cone

Area in hall underneath cone is not accessible

31-7 – 25-8

Replacing doors at main entrance

Extra safety measures in place

During the exam period extra study places in the Auditorium will be provided.





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