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Brain Research at TU Delft

27 maart 2017

TU Delft offers a wealth of brain-related research. The TU Delft Brain Research Maps that have been created as part of the ‘Explore your Brain’ weeks in the TU Delft Library, contain an overview of terms that are extracted from brain-related TU Delft publications over time. The maps are obtained by using an optimisation algorithm that visualises terms based on frequency of appearance within the abstracts and titles of accepted papers.

Exploring the maps

View the maps on brain.library.tudelft.nl. By clicking on the terms you can have a look at all papers (title and abstract) related to this specific term. Or if you want to search for a certain topic of interest, or explore the map in large, please click on the in the right corner of the map. In the tab that pops up you can search terms, zoom, choose different overlays or play with the size functionality.

The ‘Explore your Brain’ weeks are part of the 175 years TU Delft festivities. Discover the whole programme at www.175.tudelft.nl/brain

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