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  • Mystery Object answer and winner

    This exam period (October 2014) a TU Delft heritage object was displayed in the Library as Mystery...

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  • Human Library; for PhD candidates only

    There’s no better book than the book of human experience… That’s why Human Library participants...

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  • TU Delft Library into agreements with Open Access publishers PLoS, Frontiers and MDPI

    TU Delft Library has recently signed contracts with three Open Access publishers, simplifying the...

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  • Workshop 'How to manage your research information'

    Increase your effectiveness in searching, finding, assessing, managing and processing information.

    18 Nov 2014 12:30 to 17:30 Read more
  • 3D print week

    Being able to print a car? Or your own action figure? The possibilities of 3D printing are endless!...

    24 Nov 2014 to 28 Nov 2014 Read more
  • 3D print expo

    A great deal of 3D printing already takes place on the TU Delft campus, for research and education,...

    24 Nov 2014 to 19 Jan 2015 Read more
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TU Delft Library: how it all began

A unique and appealing building. A place to be inspired by. A meeting point from early in the morning until late in the evening: TU Delft Library is a household name both on and off campus! Founded in 1842, as a part of the Royal Academy (Koninklijke Academie), de eldest precursor of the TU Delft. [Read more ...]
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3D Print Week: how it turned out like this

By Aad van de Wijngaart The topic was too interesting to pass up. “We hit upon the idea for this week because 3D printing is such an enormously fascinating subject,” explains Karin Clavel. “We at the library want to inspire people but also to bring them together. That almost inevitably led to the idea of [Read more ...]

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